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2014 Resolutions

Every year billions of people around the world make New Years Resolutions, most of which become empty self made promises which are quickly forgotten about.  I usually do ok when it comes to keeping my resolutions and I intend this year to be no different.  So, here are my resolutions for 2014:
  • Blog more:  Shortly after I created this blog I completely forgot about it.  So in 2014 I hope to become more active in the blogging community so that I can really figure out what I want to do in blogging.  I also added another blog: vivalacorgi.blogspot.com.  My corgis are becoming famous and blogging is our 2nd stop to greatness.  I also plan to start doing book reviews which leads me to my next resolution…
  • Read more:  I have been doing a decent job of reading more books in the last couple years but no where near where I want to be.  Part of this resolution is starting a book club with co-workers.  It has already failed once so we will see if we can get it going.
  • Lose weight and just generally be healthier:  This is probably the most common Resolution for people and I am definitely no different.  This year I lost about 60 pounds so I want to keep it going so I can be more of a hottie for my wedding in 2015.
  • Get more organized: I’m not sure why I’ve never made this a resolution since my life is an unorganized mess most of the time.
  • Keep my shit neater: I will completely admit I hate cleaning and I can be messy (not dirty) at times, so in the new year I hope that I can make a conscious effort to keep my house tidy and my stuff neater.
  • Manage my money: I am what some people might possibly maybe kinda call a shopaholic, so in 2014 I am hoping I can learn to manage my money better so that I can have better habits in the future.  This resolution is not just for the year, its something I hope I can continue for-e-ver.
I think this list is pretty good so far.  I may add more later but I think this is plenty for now.  So, here’s to the new year and all the resolutions that will be kept!